About Natalie

Natalie Yodice is a licensed cosmetologist with a specialty in aesthetics and has been working in the field of cosmetology for over 25 years. Most recently, Natalie has graduated from Raleigh Coaching Academy and is now a  Life Coach. Originally, Natalie was trained by the Aveda Corporation as a sales representative and educator, and for five years serviced Long Island and parts of the tristate area. In 1993, she opened Serenity Beauty and Wellness Center in Commack, NY, where she worked with a team of alternative professionals to help her clients achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. After her daughter was born, she decided to work from home which enabled her to raise a baby and still provide services to her clients. As her daughter entered high school, Natalie decided it was time to open another wellness center, outside the comfort of her home, and continue to work alongside her colleagues.

Serenity Beauty and Wellness Center provides Aveda signature services including facials, body massage, waxing, body treatments, and makeup. Each guest receives a consultation at their initial visit to determine which treatment is recommended.  All of the treatments incorporate aromatherapy in a quiet and tranquil environment.

In May of 2016, Natalie launched Serenity Coaching Services and is currently helping individuals and couples create their best life from within. Her approach to coaching is to help others become self-aware of how they view themselves in the world now and how they would like to see themselves in the future. Her sessions provide introspection as well as goal setting to help her clients achieve their most desired self.
Natalie’s mission is to combine relaxing spa services with alternative therapies in order to help others grow spiritually and in good health. Her desire is for clients to gain knowledge in all areas of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health.

Natalie’s clients have been with her for many years and have formed special relationships throughout their time together. She feels each client is sent to her for more than just a facial. Their experience is one of healing and growing, as well as Serenity being a sanctuary for rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit.
Natalie is looking forward to serving all of you with the same heart and positive energy in which she approaches all of her clients.